How To Join

Joining The Gorillas is as easy as completing three steps.
If you require assistance throughout the process contact us.

1. Fill out the new member form

Team 1225 requires all members to complete a short form that gathers contact information for the student and the parent. The form can be found at

2. Complete membership with Boys and Girls Club

Team 1225 members are required to fill out a membership form for the Boys and Girls Club of Henderson County.
Step 1: Complete Membership Application found HERE
Step 2: Bring $5 Membership Card Fee to the Front Office to obtain Club Card*
Step 3: Renew Membership Annually

3. Complete Consent & Release with FIRSTĀ®

All members of the FIRST community must complete a Consent and Release agreement to compete in any FIRST Robotics Competition. This step can be tricky if you need help contact us.

Step 1: Parents go to
A: Click "Register" in the top right corner **
B: After Registering, go to your dashboard
C: lick the "Parent/Guardian-Youth" Tab
D: Click "Add Youth"
E: Complete Consent and Release Forms

Step 2: Students Register your OWN account
A: Go to
B: Go to your Dashboard
C: Join Team 1225
D: Complete Consent and Release Forms

Additional Notes:

* Applications are accepted at the front office between the hours of 10am-2pm, Monday-Friday
** Register yourself on this page for a new FIRST account, not your child. Enter your name, email address, and birthdate, not your child's.
You will be able to add your child and apply to a team under the Parent/Guardian - Youth tab on your dashboard after your account has been created.
Also, Students and Parents must have different emails In order for accounts to link together properly, the differing emails must match on one another's accounts.